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We very much wish that you have received wonderful and, most importantly, professional photos, a wedding clip and a video that reflected all of the brightest moments of your wedding: cheerful, touching, maybe a little sad, but still very important for you! ORDER LIVE, EMOTIONAL AND BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS AND VIDEO!

Why are We?

Our work

Our job is to catch the warmth of feelings, the smiles of family and friends. You want it to be remembered so you can experience it over and over again. 

With our work we create something that did not exist before, the history of the family. Our photos and videos will take you back to the best moments of your life!

What we are looking for

We know that like most people you do not know how to take pictures.

However, at the wedding we are looking for emotions and moments.

What kind?

How dad leads the bride to the groom …

As my mother looks at her son with a sinking heart, who takes on a beautiful and such a nice girl as a wife …

How trembling your hands are when you try to put rings on each other, and it is at this moment that a tear appears in the corner of your eye so treacherously, and all over your body goosebumps when you hear the cherished «Yes»! ..

Tears of joy of loved ones, smiles and laughter of friends, looks full of warmth …

Everything that surrounded you and created an atmosphere. Because this is very important! ..

Reportage shooting

Reporting is emotion. This is joy, surprise, first glance, laughter, tears, admiration, anticipation, tingling, waiting, experiencing, ecstasy, euphoria! We want your children and grandchildren to mourn with pleasure, considering their happy and in love with their father and mother, or their grandparents. Our photos and videos, definitely, can not be called the most fashionable or glamorous. We do not adhere to trends or any actual toning, but we want them to be alive, real, and tasteful. To the years they have not lost their relevance!

If you think

So, if you think that photos should be emotional, happy and should convey your emotions, show your wedding — we think the same!

If you like juicy color or stylish black and white pictures — we think the same!

And finally, if you love each other madly, if you are well with each other, if you are ready to look at each other all your life with affection and love, then you will definitely and definitely meet at your wedding celebration!

Do not take our word for it …

What others say about us!

Thank VG Studio Light for the beautiful photos! Guests liked your photo session while we were waiting for the young ones. Nobody was bored and everyone got a beautiful photo. Thanks again!!!

Cпасибо VG Studio Light за красивые фотографии! Гостям понравилась ваша фотосессия, пока мы ждали молодых. Никто не скучал, и все получили красивые фото. Ещё раз СПАСИБО!!!

 Olga Melnikova
Olga MelnikovaОльга Мельникова

Thank you very much, Galina, for the photo session !! We were very pleased to work with you! You are a professional in your business! We will now turn to you for good and quality photos only!

Спасибо большое, Галина, за фотосессию! Нам было очень приятно с Вами работать! Вы профессионал своего дела!Будем теперь за хорошими и качественными фото обращаться только к Вам!!!!

Anastasia Tvordovskaya
Anastasia TvordovskayaАнастасия Твордовская

Very attentive photographer, works perfectly with the client, everything is operative and beautiful! Thank you so much !!!

Очень внимательный фотограф, отлично работает с клиентом, все оперативно и красиво! Спасибо большое !!!

Anna Mikhaylenko
Anna MikhaylenkoАнна Михайленко

A wonderful photographer who knows his work !!!

Прекрасный фотограф знающий свою работу!!

 Veronika Chizhonkova
Veronika ChizhonkovaВероника Чижонкова


Photographer / Videographer

New York Institute of Photography.
Exclusive training in private workshops
of Wedstars & Bridestar companies



Videographer / Photographer

New York Institute of Photography.
Exclusive training in private workshops
of Wedstars & Bridestar companies

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