Contacts. Wedding, family, portrait and brands photography in Kingston, ON

Hello friends!

My name is Galina Vrabii and I am a photographer at VG Studio Light.

The company is based in Kingston, Ontario, but I am open to traveling to different areas of Ontario. 

My love for photography was passed down to me from my mom. I remember the moment when she gave me my first automatic Polaroid camera and I photographed everything that seemed interesting to me. 

Then I went to university in another country and got a diploma in economics and accounting. Later she got married. My husband and I moved to different cities several times and I was engaged in photography only at the amateur level. And only a few years later, I decided to get additional education to become a professional photographer. 

For a while I worked with a wedding agency on a wedding registration site. I also have a lot of experience in portrait and family photography. 

I work in the lifestyle style, take staged photos and try to capture these small details in small detail, because with my photos, I want to tell the story and beauty that I see about your family, about you or your important day.  I put my heart into everything I do.

As a photographer, I feel great joy and inspiration when I manage to capture life and all its moments, so that later, looking at photos in a few or dozens of years, you could relive these events, get pleasant emotions and you had something to show your children and grandchildren.


Galina Vrabii